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 HandBrake Encoding.

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PostSubject: HandBrake Encoding.   Tue Jul 24, 2012 2:16 pm

Right this is the perfect program to encode stuff for AE. This is the tut + My Script that will work perfectly for you.
This works for any editing software since the result is mp4 or m4v.
Works perfect for AE
Works perfect for Sony vegas.

1 - Download HandBrake [Nightly]
- 64 Bits
- 32 Bits

2 - Download my Script:
- Script V.1.0
I haven't really done much progress in the script but for now it will work just fine for what you need.

3 - Install Mediainfo.
- Mediainfo With mediainfo you will be able to watch all the
Info regarding ur video.

4 - Install HandBrake.

5 - Open HandBrake once installed, and import footage.
[size=8pt]Note* This works for every type of Mkv Movie be it hi10 or Blu ray's or any other type of releases.
Note* It will not work (Automatcly) with fps variants of 23,932 <- or other variables that are not in a "Regular" fps mode., You need to set it Manually.
Note* This will convert the file with the same size and same quality. Automaticly. So, if you have a blu ray you will get a blu ray output with the same size.

6 - Click on "Options" Import and Select "Allen Preset"

7 - Double click on That Line that says "Allen Preset" and click in "Browser" and select where you wan't your file to be saved.

8 - If you want you can import folders of like 25+ Mkv's episodes and click on the preset Once and then go to "Add All To queue" it will say something about a beta ignore it and click on.

Then in the Queue just click on "Convert" and just wait for it to finish. And you will have perfect episodes for AE.

And that's it you've just got a perfect mp4 file with the same quality as when it was in the mkv container with the Same Size(Or sometimes even reduced) perfect to work with.

Cheers Guys! ^^
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PostSubject: Re: HandBrake Encoding.   Sat Oct 06, 2012 8:12 pm

Thank u Bro

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PostSubject: Re: HandBrake Encoding.   Sat Oct 06, 2012 8:50 pm

so this works just like mkvextractgui? and re encodes mkv to mp4?
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PostSubject: Re: HandBrake Encoding.   

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HandBrake Encoding.
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